Addiction psychologist

Hi, my name is Anna Gawdzik and I’m here to help you

By way of telling you a bit about myself, I am a psychologist, passionate and specialized in addictions. I got my experience in the Social Welfare Center, Addicts Center, delivering various workshops and lectures on addictions. For a few years I have been running my own patients. 

Thanks to my numerous trainings and courses, not only do I have substantial knowledge, but also relevant experience in helping those who are struggling with addictions. The kind of help you will find here is based mainly on Solution Focused Approach together with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I bring together a variety of approaches and techniques to be specific to my work with you, at the same time remaining flexible and open with my methods. 

You will get a chance to be equipped with a solid chunk of knowledge so you could understand yourself better and have a wider picture. 

So let me accompany you in your own struggle for your brighter future.

You are not alone in this journey. 

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